Uneducated: A revolution in intelligence

Most of my time on this tiny planet has been spent in some type of learning institution.

From kindergarten to baccalauerate 3/4ths of my days have been spent listening to dull teachers enforcing the memorization of dull subjects.

And for what?

Fathers, mothers and politicians will say for my future, but I say for their peace mind.

The western educational system has made machines out of people through the systemic mechanization of minds and men.

So much so that today men and woman in all corners the globe spend the majority of their most vital and creative life energy pursuing higher education in hopes of a better lifestyle.

At the persistence of their family, friends and teachers they are pushed towards professional careers by proving they can recall facts and figures that are mostly useless (except as it relates to their field of expertise).

How has it helped?

If education is constantly being touted as the solution to societies problems, why is the wealthiest and most educated country in the world unable to solve issues that should have vanished long ago?


And why are many of the top professionals some of the most miserable?

Perhaps it’s because education isn’t the golden road they claim it is and maybe it’s time to consider there is a fundamental flaw in the approach that encourages intellectualness over intelligence and obedience to personal freedom.

In the current system being educated doesn’t make you smart, it just means you were able to regurgitate memorized information.

There is no evidence supporting a good memory equals understanding.

Instead the more highly educated one becomes, the more they have conformed to the rules and regulations of their peers and institutions.

Intelligence is not something that can be learned, we already have it.

It is a lot like health.

We do not and cannot teach our cells which processes they should perform and even though biologically many are identical, they function in completely different ways.

Some are regenerating tissue, others are transporting nutrients and others still ingeniously providing the necessary ingredients for life with no conscious input from the host.

Are we to believe that this superior intelligence is separate from us?

Or, more likely, has our raw smartness been ignored so long that we’ve forgotten how to use it.

Spend some time with young children and you’ll find they are much smarter than the average doctor or lawyer.

Understand that when I use the words smart and intelligent it is not in the same way that we have grown accustomed too.

When I say someone is smart I mean that they are sharp, that they have understanding, that they are able to see things without the distortion of past experience.

When I say intelligent I suggest that they act according to their own insight, not borrowed from books, lessons or ready made answers.

An example:

When I was 15 I used to drive to high school with a friend. The parking lot at the school was horrendously inadequate and poorly designed so unless you awoke and left for school much earlier than any child that’s still growing should wake, you would be late for class.

The entire upper class was constantly late, frustrated and sleepy when they arrived which clearly influenced their behavior and performance.

One day I told my friend just park in the teacher’s lot. I said to him ‘there are always spots and we can get a lot more sleep if we just park here.’

So he did.

Of course this was forbidden because that lot was for teacher’s.

After we parked the administrator said to us we could not park there.

I said to the man in charge of that lot (there is always some idiot in charge of such mundane activities as policing a parking lot) “But there are many spaces available and we aren’t hurting any of the teachers by parking here.”

He told me to go see the principal.

The principal said to me, “You can’t park in the teacher’s lot.”


I’ll never forget my response, I said “Is this a school for teachers or students?”

Then I explained the chaos of the student parking lot and the detrimental effect it was having on my academic performance.

From that day forward we parked in the forbidden lot.

This is intelligence!

The problem with being intelligent is that you are a threat to the way things are.


If you look closely at the current systems of education, religion, citizenship and community you will find a very subtle implementation of duplication.

In school they provide you the books to read. In church they provide you the book to read. And in citizenship they give you your marching orders according to their established laws.

Smart people are difficult to control.

They will want to know the WHY?

More often than not, the reasons are based on tradition, because that is the way it has always been.

But whenever a true intellectual appears, the entire system is jeopardized.

Why crucify Jesus (one of the smartest people to ever live)?

Because he claimed that he is the Son of God. No longer was God exclusive. It was available to all.

And because of his insistence, he was killed. Imagine? Killing a Jesus.

It seems absurd.

But the same stupidity persists.

With society valuing information over life.

And with time as information has become more readily available, life has conversely diminished.

As more and more people have memorized techniques and acquired skills, the well being of the planet and its inhabitants has exponentially declined.

Man has obtained knowledge but forgotten wisdom.

If you look at primitive cultures, you’ll find them full of intelligence. Living in harmony with their environment and community.

There is very little crime, poverty or insanity in tribal societies despite the fact that most of their information comes from observation of the natural world.

What’s needed is a new approach.


We need to accept the fact that nearly all of the information being taught in schools is available for free online.

That there is almost no value in most children wasting their time to learn advanced mathematics or other nonsense.

I’m not saying that no children should learn algebra or calculus, but that most will manage much better if they are not forced to fill their delicate minds memorizing formulas that can be looked up on their cell phones.


But the educators take much disdain anytime a change to a curriculum is proposed. Why the resistance? They know they themselves do not use the subject matter they instruct on (except in school).

It is because it threatens their utility.

What would all of the teachers and professors do if their was no quota for math teachers?

They would be jobless.

I say good! You are freed from boredom and the students are free to explore their own interests.

The educational institutions of the future won’t be institutions at all.

They will simply be explorations.

Sure there will be structure and schedule, but it will be a more sensitive environment.

Emphasizing the well being and growth of the students rather than the institution.

Students will tell faculty what their interests are instead of the other way around.

Children will be free to be children.

To pursue their own way, instead of one that is ready made.

The practice of evaluating and comparing students by their quality of memorization will fade away, replaced by observation of the quantity of their ingenuity.

Education will for the first time emphasize the development of the individual, instead of dependency on the hierarchy.

What is the fear of freedom?

The society will still have its doctors and lawyers.


The only difference is that only the people that truly desire to be healers and arguers will choose that field.

The conflict today is that too many people are not doing what they are supposed be doing because of societies influence.

Maybe you want to be a fisherman, or an artist. The world needs both. And each can find his own place.

And if they grow bored with that occupation they can simply find another because they will not be so specialized that they only have one overdeveloped particular skill.

The education of the future will build more whole, more complete human beings.

And by association the world will grow into a more whole, complete future.










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