Spiritual Supermarket: Hungry for more 

Supermarkets are strange places. 

They only exist in wealthy countries and are visited by relatively wealthy patrons looking for a convenient way to nourish themselves and their families. 

Yet the majority of the merchandise isn’t food related and most of the food isn’t nourishing.

If you want to stick to the healthy and essential I’ll give you a life hack, just stay on the peripheral of the store. 

Except for water, none of the items on aisle shelves are essential and in order to keep fresh produce, fresh, grocery stores are designed so that perishable items are easily accessible and replaceable by store employees. 

The same can be said of modern spirituality and the various movements and mania that accompany them. 

Spirituality has become a industrial commodity. 

One in which marketing misinformation and misunderstanding has led to a cornucopia of confusion and unconsciousness similar to that of the modern food industry. 

I’ve done yoga and meditation. Still do. 

I’ve spent time with monks, missionaries, priests and maniacs. 

I’ve scoured the east. 

I’ve read the texts. 

I’ve smoked the plants. 

I’ve ate the psilocybin. 

And what I’ve found and felt is that the real human experience can be sensed without or within all of these ‘things’ but it’s unusually casual like going to Trader Joe’s. 

Maybe at no time in human history have souls been more lost or mislead from spiritual truth like in our present epoch. 

One in which meditativeness and consciousness and spiritualness are catchphrases designed to take your attention away from attention. 

There are literally; products named for yoga, yoga franchises, meditation methods, spiritual systems and authors of authenticity. 

Give me a fucking break. 

And don’t give me that cliche response that ‘everyone is on their own path’ bullshit. 

They aren’t on their own path, they’re merely following somebody else’s lead, otherwise none of the aforementioned nonsense would exist. 

True, people are looking, errr starving, for some substance, but just as a steady diet of particular foods won’t help you realize health, a seven course serving of spirituality won’t assist in your growth or enlightenment. 

All you need to do is look around and you’ll find that the majority of people aren’t living but dying. 

You can see the boredom and lifelessness in their eyes. 

There is no spark, no vitality and nothing to indicate they’re not a spiritual slug instead of a spiritual being. 

Just mostly the same monotony, the same schedule and the same agenda packaged a bit more poetically. 

The ways in which we are sold water are only outnumbered by the ways in which imbeciles are sold salvation. 

Just look at your favorite yoga teacher. Wearing the same shit. Talking about the same shit. And damn, do they like to hear themselves speak. 

Just once I’d like to go to a yoga class and the teacher has nothing to say, just breath and movement. 

That would be a spiritual miracle. 

Instead they’ll make your ears bleed about intention and how you’re on your way to being a better person, and just hear how it happened to them.  

Please. Pretty please. Stop. Now.

While it’s all very entertaining and comforting, the amount of spiritual substance is shrinking. 

Just once I’d love to hear a student say why? Or better yet scream shut up during shavasana. 

That would be super spiritual, because that would mean somebody was actually saying what they feel. 

Which is that your special breathing and sitting isn’t helping. 

It’s just distracting you from what’s really happening, someone likely less in tuned than you, spewing spiritual shit to sound informed. 

Look I like yoga, I still teach and practice regularly, but to imply the practice is more than it is, isn’t fair to the tradition or the participants. 

How many students have awoken in your 7am sunrise vinyasa? 

How many have become buddhas? 

Better yet, how many are even happy to be there? 

Have you ever met or seen a ‘real’ yogi? 

In India they are outcasts. They are delusional in the sense that they mindlessly go on repeating the same chant or asana or action with the impression they are getting somewhere. 

Real spirituality doesn’t take any effort whatsoever. 

It can’t be sold, it certainly cannot be bought and it can’t be found anywhere outside of yourself. 

The real, like what you feel when you take acid, ecstasy or orgasm is indescribable. 

There is no path to follow. 

There is no price to pay. 

There’s no mantra to chant or special prayer to say. 

There’s just freedom to enjoy and play. 

The same way society bottled water is the way spirituality has prepackaged soul. 

A girl actually told me she was into meditation because she downloaded some app. 

What crap! 

Meditation on the computer. 


No. Like really??? 

You want to experience truth? Eat an eighth of mushrooms and have an orgy at a music festival. 

Trust me, you’ll never feel so alive! 

And what is spirituality except the exploration and entertainment of being human? 

Because it’s certainly not the monotony and mundane activity of shopping for what saves you. 

And it’s definitely not going to be found separate from you. Or anywhere but within your own heart, mind and time. 

Stop pussyfooting with it by perusing the aisles of existence with your handful of strategies in the express lane. 

You don’t need advice anymore than that alkaline water. 

What you need are people and places that will reveal to you what you are. 

I can’t suggest who or where but I’m certain it can happen now and here. 

Which is the most spiritual experience one can find. 

If you don’t have a plan you become part of somebody else’s plan. – Terrence McKenna 




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